Once Upon A Zombie Dolls

Once Upon A Zombie Dolls by WowWee are zombie versions of well known Disney fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel…

Something has gone wrong in Fairy Tale Land and everyone is turning into zombies!

These wonderful new zombie dolls, which are based on the book trilogy by Billy Phillips, are rapidly becoming very popular and are looking to set to be at the top of many Christmas wish lists this year.

These beautifully detailed dolls stand 11 inches tall, with articulated limbs, so you can bend and pose the dolls however you want. They have beautiful flowing hair and stunning glass eyes.
Once Upon A Zombie Little Mermaid Doll
Each doll is packaged in tombstone shaped plastic and comes with a doll stand, brush and a downloadable app for even more fun.

So far six fairy tale zombie dolls have been released… the four mentioned above and also Princess Belle and The Little Mermaid. More are on the way including Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland!
Once Upon A Zombie Fashion Dolls

Things We Love About The Once Upon A Zombie Dolls:

  • Outstanding attention to detail including beautiful glass eyes, gorgeous eyelashes, zombified dresses, and skull belts.
  • A unique and unusual twist on the normal fairy tale dolls
  • They appeal to all ages, from children to teenagers and even adults. They would make a fabulous addition to any adult collector’s shelves.

Things We Don’t Love About The Once Upon A Zombie Dolls:

  • It’s pretty hard to fault these adorable dolls… the only thing we could find to complain about, is they don’t come with shoes.
  • While we do love these dolls ourselves, we do realize that the zombie theme may not appeal to everyone.

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