How To Interview And Get A Job

Job hunting? Yeah, who isn’t? Unemployment is Nearing 10%

More people than ever are interviewing for a job right now. Most people think that the actual interview and how you conduct yourself by answering the ridiculous questions are the deciding factors in landing that job. This is only true if the human resources person is actually any good at their job. In my experience, the HR rep is the most ignorant “professional” that you will speak to, and they ask scripted questions that they found online.

I would venture to say that they have no psychological training, or they slept through that course, which essentially deems their questions pointless. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to cover your bases by looking up these questions online yourself and level the playing field in that regard. Sadly, the most important aspects, like brainpower, are transcended by aesthetic properties.

I would like to thank the good folks at Gillette that surveyed over 500 HR professionals to learn what they find important. The feedback should be very surprising unless you’ve noticed the ineptness for yourself from prior interviews.

How to Interview and Get a Job

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First Impressions

Everyone knows the first impression can make or break you, but this far exceeds just meeting chicks. Most HR “pros” act much in the same way as do women that you might ask out on a date – I believe most HR reps are women. Keep this fact in mind and it will greatly improve your chances.

With one out of ten people still looking for work, Gillette has done us a great service. The survey commissioned by Gillette® and conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that taking a second look in the mirror may be as important as taking a second, or third, look at your resume.

The most highly ranked factors that positively influence HR’s decisions are as follows:

  • 94% Appropriate Attire
  • 93% Amount of Eye Contact Made
  • 92% Well Groomed = Confidence
  • 91% Absence of Body Odor
  • 87% Exceptional Grooming = Even Better Impression
  • 66% Physical Appearance
  • 60% Well-Cut and Styled Hair
  • 59% Firm Handshake – Are you freaking kidding me, only 59%?!
  • 59% Fingernails
  • 52% Clean Shaven

The biggest red flags, or “Do Nots” are:

  • 93% Body Odor
  • 73% Wrinkled and Ill-Fitting Clothing
  • 71% Unkempt
  • 25% Facial Stubble

Admittedly, all these attributes would influence my opinion of a candidate, but intelligence, work ethic, and a firm handshake seem like they should top the list. My belief is that hard intelligent work is paramount if you want a successful business unless of course, your business is a modeling agency. But what do I know? I work at home. ;)

Gillette Offers Help

Gillette has launched an all-new interactive Career Advantage microsite Gentlemen, I suggest checking out these helpful tips on everything from interview preparation, networking, and climbing the corporate ladder. The featured advice comes from career expert Mark Jeffries and style/grooming expert Brett Fahlgren.

Peace and good luck,

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