10 Best Smith Machines Reviews

People spend a lot of time talking about the best gym equipment. But, finding the best smith machine that can fit all people’s needs is quite a challenge. It is time to stop the talks, get to the action and have you the best Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Home Gym System. What makes this brand the best is the fact that all its models feature remarkable similarities in the way they offer particular training exercises.

They offer multi-functionality and are the safest gym equipment you can ever find on the market. Whether you want chest press, leg and arm developer exercises, Marcy Smith Cage workout home gym systems have the best for you. Let’s read over and grasp the relevance of this comprehensive review.

10 Best Smith Machines

[amazon box=”B00FK81B3C” title=”1. Marcy 120 Lb. Single Stack Home Gym MKM-1101″]

If you thought that a single stack home gym couldn’t offer incredible training, well you are completely wrong. Marcy single stack MKM-1101 home gym is one of the most affordable gym systems that deliver impressive results.

It features high and low pulleys that facilitate excellent upper and lower body exercises. Upper pulleys deliver excellent vertical butterfly exercise and the Lat bar provides great upper body workouts. Also, the lower pulleys allow incredible leg developer exercises and other amazing workouts. this home gym equipment comes with 120 pounds for weight plates while the machine itself has 2:1 ratio that can up your workouts to 240lbs.


  • Simple installation
  • Sleek design
  • Great leg and upper body exerciser


  • Insufficient exercises for professional bodybuilders

[amazon box=”B01L9QJYPK” title=”2. Marcy Pro Folding -Cage System”]

For a long time, people have the dream of getting a folding gym workout system? Now you have it, Marcy Pro Folding -Cage System brings the dream of many home gym enthusiasts to reality. With this gym equipment, you will enjoy real features that are designed for a serious strength trainer. It boasts a customizable design for a professional weight room, and this cage has all you need to boost those core muscles.

Besides, the design is incredibly versatile and therefore, it supports shrugs, pull-ups, squats among other impressive gym performance tactics. Equipped with roll bench and foldable cage, it is very easy to transport this gym facility.

Besides, the sturdy construction supports a maximum user weight of approximately 300 pounds. Equally, the bench supports double the weight and boasts 600 pounds. Thus, this multifunctional smith cage is ideal for everyone with the passion of toning muscles hassle freely.


  • Sturdy materials
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Excellently built rack
  • Strong and comfortable bench


  • a bit pricey

[amazon box=”B001D78PCE” title=”3. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym System with Linear Bearing MD 9010G”]

Are you looking for the best way to do arm and chest exercises? This is the best smith machine for you to carry on with your desires. It is versatile home gym equipment that is designed with dual action press arms to help you in these important exercises. The sturdy construction is as a result of all-steel construction.

Besides, the frames are reinforced with a powder coating to increase their durability. It uses aircraft-grade cables with a tensile strength of 2000 lbs. Thus, it allows you to train as hard as your body can, without compromising the machine in any way. It boasts a dual leg developer featuring oversized rocker pad and curl bar. It also has a pivot point that enhances proper body form. So, it is valuable equipment that allows you to engage in intense weightlifting.


  • Sturdy construction
  • No-weight restriction
  • Aircraft cable


  • Assembly may take a while

[amazon box=”B0041NM0ZU” title=”4. Marcy Smith Cage Machine Home Gym Equipment SM-4008″]

When you seem to be in dilemma reading the best Marcy smith gym, just settle for this multifunctional home gym equipment. It doesn’t specialize in certain training exercises, but rather offers an overall design to help you gain the most. And includes a variety of fitness workouts to tone and strengthen the core muscles of thighs, arms, and legs.

It is a combination of a smith machine, pulls up bars, leg developers, and crossover cables. This is the ultimate machine that you can use to power the upper body muscles with the included cables and bars. So, it allows you to target specific body muscles and gain the most. SM-4008 includes a removable bench that can enhance the full range of power exercises. It includes four storage posts to allow easy organization of weight plates.


  • Easy organization
  • All inclusive gym
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable safety stops

[amazon box=”B076CPY11Z” title=”5. Marcy Smith Cage Diamond Workout Machine Total Home Gym System”]

Almost every professional bodybuilder knows this rigid and multifunctional workout machine. Marcy Smith Diamond’s home gym system is something that everyone is striving to have. Most of the gym enthusiasts are willing to spend their last coin just to have this premium gum machine at their home. This all- in one workstation comes with amazing features to help you gain the most in your workout plans.

It includes attachments such as shiver bar, rope, chrome row handle, ankle straps, and dual handles among other impressive attachments. With a separate multifunctional bench, it includes leg developer, bicep curl, and Olympic sleeve among other valuable features. With dual-function leg developer, press bar with sealed bearings, pulley, deck, and crossovers; this is a gym workout system that everyone should invest.


  • All inclusive design
  • Dual function legs developer
  • A comfortable bench with great attachments


  • Tricky installation but worth the effort

[amazon box=”B076ZW7MXX” title=”6. Marcy Smith Deluxe Home Gym Fitness Cage System Machine”]

One of the most affordable home gym workout systems, Deluxe Home gym cage system is one of the best smith machines you can buy. It features a multifunctional design with a high pulley tower and low pulley station. So, it is ideal for all types of pulling exercises.

In addition, it has multi-position seat pads to allow comfort during weight lifting. The seat pad inclines; flat and also decline to allow excellent chest exercises. With the contoured form rollers, you can enjoy premium comfort while doing the lifting and other amazing workouts.

The bars are adjustable and have strong and adjustable safety catches to allow intense training without facing any challenges. The framing features square tubing boasting 14 gauge for added rigidity.


  • Affordable piece
  • Robust system
  • Adjustable seat pads
  • Strong and adjustable stoppers


  • Tricky installation for beginners

[amazon box=”B00GP4UODI” title=”7. Marcy Olympic Strength Training Cage Multi-purpose SM-3551″]

This is yet another affordable home gym system that delivers its function to leave the users contented. One of the pronounced features is the adjustable bar catches. The commercial style bar catches allows you to move from bench press to squats without calling for help. In addition, it is a multi-handle pull-up station featuring wide and narrow grips for your own comfort.

With high and low pulleys, the system offers an easy way to engage in high and low body exercises. It is one of the recommended gym equipment if you want to boost your biceps, shoulder, back, triceps and other core muscles of the body. With weight storage, it is very easy to choose the weight combination you want. Moreover, the cage boasts Olympic strength as it uses high tensile strength tubing.


  • Great versatility
  • Great weight storage
  • Commercial style bar catches


  • Pricier than some competitive models

[amazon box=”B00XHNB4CA” title=”8. Marcy Stack Dual- Function Stack MKM-81010 Home Gym”]

By combining great functionality with safety features, this MKM-81010 Home Gym has become the favourite home gym equipment for many gym enthusiasts. It combines excellent features to allow great comfort for the user.

This stack gym boasts high-density vinyl upholstery to guarantee excellent comfort during workouts. With weight stack lock, you can train as hard as you can know that your safety is guaranteed. The 14 gauges steel and the powder coating is an indication that this gym will last forever.

Thus, it is a long-lasting investment that will be used generation after generation. Apart from the durability factor, you can also enjoy multifunction arm presses. Hence, you can work on the pectoral muscles with the presses that have dual functionality. Besides, it is pretty easy to move from chest pressed to the butterfly exercises. Other impressive features include adjustable arm curl, dual-function leg developer among others.


  • Great multi-functionality
  • 14 gauge steel
  • Powder coating for durability
  • Adjustable weight catches


  • Tiresome setup

[amazon box=”B00JGRBSS6″ title=”9. Marcy Multifunctional Home-Gym Station, 150-lb”]

If you are looking for durable and safe gym equipment, this is one of the best smith machines you should choose. Once installed, it looks sleek, classy but the reality is that it offers a sophisticated function. Now, it boasts premium steel construction and is reinforced with guard rods. And, this gear comes with selectorized and customizable weight stack to fit different levels.
One of the pronounced features of this workout system is the dual-action arm press. Also, it is highly versatile since it allows you to perform chest and vertical butterfly training to enhance your biceps, pectorals, triceps and other important muscles of your body. Apart from the multi-functionality, comfort is also a must-have for this equipment. Thanks to the padded upholstery that reduces tension and impact as you go through your tough exercises.


  • Reinforced high gauge steel
  • Customizable design for all levels
  • Foam padded seats for added comfort


  • Limited exercises compared to other top models
  • Set up is quite tricky

[amazon box=”B01KU69TDC” title=”10. Total Body Workout System and Weight Bench Personal Home Gym”]

Are you looking for a complete home gym system? Marcy Pro Full Cage workout system could be just what you are looking for. It features a sturdy and ergonomic design that is jam-packed with exercise, to satisfy all its users. It is one of the top-rated Smith cages that actually deliver true results within the shortest time.

As a matter of fact, many people praise this gym equipment as the best for toning and maintain a fit physique. The design looks sleek but really sophisticated. Amazingly, it makes your body look the same and have other beautiful attributes. This cage supports up to 300 pounds and 600 pounds for the bench. Although bars and weights aren’t included, the system has an allowance and they can be incorporated.


  • Sleek and versatile design
  • Specially designed feet
  • Supports bars and weights
  • Easy to assemble


  • Tasky set up


Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine, Home Gym System provides the best way to enjoy all kinds of fitness exercises. As you have seen, various models are available with distinct features and come at varying prices. So, everyone has equal chances of training to achieve a toned body and attractive physique. Just select the one best smith machine you can afford and your gym life will change forever.

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