10 Best Multi Cookers Reviews

If you want to prepare various types of foods simultaneously then the best multi cookers can be the right choice for you. It will work not only as a rice cooker bur also as warmer and steamer as per your requirement. You can find various types of multi cookers from various brands in the stores.

In order to choose the best one for your personal use, you should go through the reviews of some of the top best multi-function cookers are provided hereunder for your consideration.

10 Best Multi Cookers Review

[amazon box=”B00JZKTF98″ title=”1. Maxi-Matic Electric Pressure Cooker by Elite Platinum”]

This electric pressure cooker performs 8 functions as along with cooking rice it also cooks yams & potatoes, Chicken & meat, vegetables & fish, pork, grains & beans, desserts, and Stews & soups. It has a delay timer for 24 hours to start cooking later on as desired.

For effective and safe pressure cooking its vented lid allows the steam to escape. Its housing is made attractive with a brushed steel finish. It has a removable internal cooking pot for easy and fast cleaning.

[amazon box=”B017HW4SCY” title=”2. Electric Digital Multi-function Cooker with Smart Pot by Gourmia”]

This multifunctional digital electric pressure cooker performs 13 functions including delay timer for 24 hours, time control with LED display, auto warmer along with preset cooking of large variety like rice, slow cooking, steaming, etc. Externally it is made sleek stainless steel and its inner pot is made of non-stick material.

It has a lid with a safety lock, adjustable exhaust valve, and easy-to-handle handle. This powerful cooker reduced cooking time by 70%. Measuring cup, stainless steel steaming rack, mixing spoon and condensation cup are the accessories provided with this best multi cookers.

[amazon box=”B017HX1AEM” title=”3. Supreme Digital Multi-Function Cooker by Gourmia”]

This multi-cooker performs 8 preset functions including boil, stir fry, grill, deep fry, steam, fry, and fondue. It has a 10-hour delay timer which you can adjust as per your requirement. It has a tempered glass lid to monitor the cooking easily.

Its removable and non-stick internal pot is made of cast aluminum to clean it easy just by wiping. It keeps your food warm for a long time. Steam rack, fry gasket, fondue skewer, and roast rack are some of the bonus accessories with this ETL certified cooker.

[amazon box=”B017K6A7H2″ title=”4. Multi-function Cooker Electric Air Fryer by Rosewill”]

This multifunction electric air fryer has a manually adjustable timer to delay cooking up to 30 minutes by controlling the temperature from 170-400 degrees F while cooking various types of foods. This machine can allow you to can cook, grill, roast, fry and bake with the least amount of oil.

In this way, It cooks healthy foods without compromising with their texture and taste. Its parts including frying tray and frying basket are dishwasher safe. Hot air circulates in it due to its advanced air circulation technology for accurate and speedy cooking.

[amazon box=”B06VV9M11N” title=”5. Programmable Multi-Cooker by COSORI”]

This latest best multi cookers can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, warmer, steamer and yoghurt maker without using many pans and pots. It cooks foods at 6 adjustable smart levels of pressure to cook food up to 70% quicker without sacrificing their nutrients and taste.

And protects the user from its hot steam by releasing it with the help of its release button. It has a program to cook 13 types of foods under the control of its micro-processor. Its inner pot is dishwasher safe.

[amazon box=”B018NIEPKG” title=”6. Rice and Multi-cooker by T-fal”]

Its 10 programs allow you to risotto, cook rice, oatmeal, reheat, soup/steam, slow cook, bake, make yogurt, automatic warming and browning the foods of your choice. Its cooking can be adjusted with its Fuzzy Logic technology to give you the best results.

It has adjustable cooking time, push-button control panel, micro pressure valve, and 24-hour delay timer to cook foods by maintaining their natural flavors and tastes. It’s ceramic coated non-stick and dishwasher safe inner pot releases food effortlessly.

[amazon box=”B017O6LWP4″ title=”7. Multi-Function Cooker Pressure Cooker by PressurePro”]

The Pre-Programmed One Touch Button is the feature of this multi-use pressure cooker that allows it to adjust its pressure and temperature automatically while performing 9 functions including slow cooking, rice cooking, egg making, yogurt making, preserving, canning, steaming, warming and sauté.

The Smart Steam Technology and programmed buttons provided in it make it easy-to-use. The non-stick inner pot of this ETL certified cooker is made of FDA grade materials. It is one of the best multi cookers you can buy for most people.

[amazon box=”B01MFEBQH1″ title=”8. Multi-Function Cooker Pressure Cooker by Instant Pot”]

This one appliance performs the functions of six appliances by doing slow cooking, pressure cooking, sauté, rice cooking, warming and steaming. Its 10 built-in programs allow you to make meat/stew, broth/soup, egg, cake, rice, sauté, steam, slow cooking and multigrain porridge just by pressing a button.

Its inner cooking pot is made from food-grade stainless steel without any coating. It traps the aroma and flavor of the food in its completely sealed environment.

[amazon box=”B01M2Z9P9L” title=”9. Multi-function Cooker Electric Air Fryer by SimpleTaste”]

this multifunctional air fryer with 8 preset programs helps in making chips, warming up, steaks, chicken, meat, shrimp, fish, and cake by using no or very little oil. Its air circulation system helps in cooking healthy foods fast and easily as compared to traditional cooking by adjusting, its temperature and cooking timer.

Its cooking shelf and basket are easy to wash with dish soap and hot water without using an abrasive brush. And can cook a variety of ingredients in different quantities for all the members of your family.

[amazon box=”B074378DVM” title=”10. Multi-function Cooker by Cosway”]

This best multi cookers are easy to use and clean because of its stainless steel interior and LED controls with smart touch. It ensures uniform heating of its non-stick inner pan with the help of built-in timer and LCD clock. Its 7-in-1 preset functions include rice cooking, slow cooking, warming and steaming, etc. to cook different types of foods for your family.

Its 24-hour delay timer allows you to start cooking your food later on and keep it warm without affecting its nutrition and aroma. It is easy to operate with its digital control panel with push buttons. You can get tasty cooked food whenever you want just by adding ingredients of your choice in it and setting its timer according to the type of your food and press the button.


We hope this review gives you a headstart on the choice of the Best Multi Cookers. There are several factors to look at before making the final buying decision. It is worth looking at the weight of that, the material used, durability, design and other things.

Next time you are shopping consider the few selections in this review. Hopefully, the article sets a baseline for making the most valued decision. Be sure to check the features of each product.

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