10 Best Men’s Electric Shaver Reviews

Hi there! My name is Alan Kent and I began this web-site as a hobby to share my experiences together with the ideal electric shavers on the market. I’ve personally tried and tested all sorts of best men’s electric shaver over the years and have written a lot of detailed shaver critiques here. I hope you will locate them valuable.

A word of suggestions ahead of I leave you to browse about: Do not affordable out on electric shavers. They just aren’t precisely the same as disposable razors. A well-constructed electric shaver from a respected brand can final you many years.

It’s well worth investing in a fantastic shaver simply because :

  1. A) it’ll save you a great deal of pain, funds and frustration more than time
  2. B) you will literally get pleasure from and look forward to shaving, as considerably as a chore it can be. That’s all I got to say!

So How Specifically Do You select the Best men’s Electric Shaver?

In terms of getting a clean shaver quick, electric shavers carry out greater in several approaches. Initial of all, they do not call for you to apply any shaving gel or foam, nor do you must wash it off afterwards. Since they include shaving heads of numerous lengths, you could truly determine just how much hair you wish to shave off.

An electric shaver is also incredibly speedy and hassle-free. Shaving having a typical shaver can take as much as 10 to 15 minutes or less than 5 minutes as others reported here; if you would like to produce confident you could a clean shave. And really generally you may reduce or nick oneself accidentally. An electric shaver will under no circumstances hurt your skin and they will give you a clean shave extremely speedy.

Here are some aspects to consider when picking the ideal electric shaver.

Sort of shaver: There are a couple of key categories for electric shavers. Shaver’s with rotary or foil heads and wet shavers/dry shavers. Put basically, a wet/dry shaver is waterproof is often employed within the shower even though you happen to be bathing even though a dry shaver can only be utilized right after or prior to your bath. Rotary electric shavers had round rotating heads while foil electric shavers have a flat rectangular surface.

Shaver Technologies. You will discover lots of fancy shavers available and Braun and Panasonic shavers have some of the very best technologies accessible. Some of them give up to 10,000 micro-vibrations each and every minute to remove hair and a few and have extraordinary flexing heads which bend conveniently to match the curve of the face or neck. And then there are actually electric shavers with built-in self-cleaning capabilities for maximum hygiene.

Cordless or corded: 

For maximum flexibility, you want to choose an electric shaver that’s cordless simply because that enables you to move about and not just shave where there is certainly a power socket. On the other hand, cordless electric shavers run on battery power which brings us to the next point.

Battery charge:

The top electric shaver charges really promptly and holds a charge for incredibly extended. The length on the charge is very important after you travel quite a bit and do not want to worry about charging your batteries or shaver each so far.


Some electric shavers come with a self-cleaning mode and vacuum which makes maintenance virtually important. For instance, they could pump clean fluids automatically towards the shaver head and the shaver itself is heated so grease along with other dirt is removed. Right after self-cleaning, the shaver is dried by way of a heating system. All you must do is always to empty the cartridge when it gets complete.

Price tag:

Most electric shavers fall between the $25 to $120 price variety while some truly very good shavers go for over $200. Now, this can be normally a major deciding issue for individuals picking out electric shavers. Coming from private knowledge, I hugely recommend that you ignore the cost element due to the fact a really cheap electric shaver is not going to satisfy you the majority of the time. An expensive electric shaver usually includes a superior build-quality and may final for years without breaking down, in contrast to less costly variations.

All in all, the well known and very best brands for electric shavers are Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington. I’ve attempted shavers from all 4 brands and they’ve worked magnificently nicely for my desires. They have a great reputation for making reliable and top quality electric shavers together with the newest technology.

Exactly where Need to You Obtain Your Electric Shavers?

Electric shavers are sold in a wide selection of places and also you can discover them in big departmental retailers such as Sears, Walmart or Target. They’re usually discovered inside the Electronics and Dwelling Appliances section. However, I wouldn’t genuinely propose them because of the ideal places to get the best men’s electric shaver. Why? Due to the fact, there is certainly a lot higher choice of shavers on the net, and they’re a great deal less costly as well.

That signifies you’ll essentially save far more dollars.

Now to become sincere, the number of funds you’ll save will vary depending on the specific retail outlet near you but I think on-line rates will normally be equal or a lot reduced than your neighbourhood store.

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So if the best men’s electric shaver does not perform out for you personally, just return it and get your revenue back. No hassles, no worries. I’m personally guilty of shopping for and returning a number of electric razors myself more than the years. All in the name of getting the right shaver.

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