10 Best Budget Fitness Tracker Review

Imagine a world without fitness trackers. Indeed, fitness trackers provide a way of motivating people to work hard in fitness exercise. These are simple devices that allow you to physically see the achievements of the exercises you do every day. What you record today using the best fitness tracker devices gives you the motivation to break that record the next day.

Thus, you are able to burn a lot of calories and you can keep track of your exercises. These devices are available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. To help you buy the best fitness tracker devices, we have arranged the top-rated brands and have chosen them genuinely depending on the average customer ratings among other factors.

10 Best Budget Fitness Tracker

[amazon box=”B075K3VNVZ” title=”1. TGelecstore-Fitness, Activity Tracker HR”]

Fitness trackers are actually built to motivate users to carry on with exercise to achieve better results. Hence, this device should itself be a motivator to help you exercise more and gain more. TGelecstore -fitness tracker features a classic design with a colour screen to help you read the records clearly. The device allows you to measure the blood pressure and accurately measure the number of steps and active minutes.

Also, the device allows you to monitor the calories burnt and distance. Besides, using an app, you can monitor all the activities you have achieved for a whole year. Featuring the latest HR sensor, this device can accurately monitor the rate of your heartbeats. With the innovative sports mode, you don’t need to manually turn the device on. The device actually senses your movements and starts the recordings automatically.

[amazon box=”B07B4VN3L3″ title=”2. K-berho Fitness Tracker”]

Tracker watches are the best budget fitness tracker you can have. They allow easy monitoring of the calories burnt while you are engaged in running or doing other workouts. One of the reliable fitness trackers is K-berho fitness activity tracker watch. It features a premium quality design and delivers accurate recordings of data wherever you are and whatever you may do.

This is IP67 waterproof, designed to allow you to do the exercise outdoors while watching your progress in these fitness tracker devices. It has a Bluetooth connection and hence it is easy to be notified via a message on your smartphone. The device will also remind you of any notification from your phone such as FB, twitter, SMS and so on. Once you install the veryfitpro app on your android or iOS, you will be ready to enjoy your life and meet all your fitness goals.

[amazon box=”B0771K6HLP” title=”3. ELEGANT Activity Tracker Smart Watch”]

Are you finding it hard achieving your fitness goals? This happens to everyone, but once you get yourself an Elegant activity fitness tracker, all your worries will be no more. It is a great device that allows you to see and record heart rate, calories and distance covered.

Apart from displaying those fitness parameters, it is also a luxurious device that ensures you don’t miss any notification on your phone. Once you install the required app, you can now get all kinds of notifications. Moreover, you can still use the app to synchronize your health and sports data. The design is sleek and waterproof; hence you can use it in water sports. Equally, you can use it for gym activities since it can’t get damaged by sweat or water.

4. Teamyo Fitness, Activity Tracker Watch

[amazon box=”B07BGZ7NWW”]

Are you in a hectic mood trying to find a multi-sports fitness activity tracker? Well, you can rest assured teamyo fitness watch will perform marvelously. It bats a big LED colorful screen that displays your track records in a decent manner that anyone would love.

With GPS functionality, this gadget can show the statistics and record the map of your workout rate. With a sleep analysis together with a continuous heart rate record, this device can allow you to live a healthy life. And, you can receive all phone alerts via the same display of this device, ensuring that you never miss any bit of important information.

[amazon box=”B07JLTP9TW” title=”5. Bestobal fitness tracker device”]

If you are searching for the best budget fitness tracker that is great for sports and health performance monitoring, Bestobal is a reliable device for the work. It is a multi-functional device that combines calorie meter, heart rate recorder, and sleep monitor among other functions. It uses a very durable and powerful battery, which on a full charge can keep the device working for approximately 8 days.

Besides, it has a long standby time, lightweight and is waterproof. Also, it supports all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. For androids, it supports version 4.4 or above and 7.1 or above for iOS. The touch screen allows easy navigation as you monitor your track of records. Besides, its gorgeous design makes it a beautiful bracelet that can complement your sports outfit.

[amazon box=”B0753BBC9Q” title=”6. Delvfire Fitness Tracker HR”]

Delvfire fitness tracker is designed to counter all the outdoor elements that may hinder you from engaging in professional fitness training. But, with this particular device, you can combine your sports performance and calorie burning objectives. The device allows you to choose among 14 modes of tracks for you to hit your goals accurately.

Through the integration of sleep and heart rate monitoring, you can understand your fitness better and improve on the areas that seem to be hard to achieve. Without a tracker device, you may actually think you are doing enough, whereas you are not doing anything. Delvfire fitness tracking devices can be connected to your device so that you can access the important features of the phone while on the exercise. Besides, it is made of a sleek design using durable and waterproof materials to ensure it serves you for a prolonged time.

[amazon box=”B073Q5MNZS” title=”7. Tofit Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watch”]

When you seem to gain more weight yet you do exercises, it is time for them rightly. Embracing Tofit fitness tracker to help you in your daily exercise routine will ensure you enjoy a change in lifestyles. Besides, when you maintain proper body weight, life expectancy increases. It is pretty easy, just wear this watch on your wrist, and have it every time you are doing some exercises.

It will keep an accurate record of the calories lost, the heart rate during exercise and doing asleep among other activities that are sensitive to health. And, smartphone connectivity makes this gadget the best on the market. You can access all the basic features of your android or iOS as you engage in your fitness plan seriously. Besides, it sleek and looks great for men, women, and kids. Also, it comes at an affordable price, and anyone should have it in their life.

[amazon box=”B077BXMMJ5″ title=”8. Suumsuun H777 fitness Heart rate tracker”]

Keeping your body fit isn’t a choice anymore. With the increased statistics of heart attacks in all corners of the sphere, there is a reason to worry about your health status. But, you need a premium bracelet fitness tracker for you to keep your health in check. SuumSuun H777 is one of the best budget fitness trackers that is the high-quality activity or heart rate monitor you can invest. It boasts an accurate PPG for continuous heart rate recording and monitoring.

Equally, it monitors the blood pressure every time you’re engaged in an exercise. It supports smartphone app and also remote photo shooting. It is IP68 rated for waterproofing. So, you can wear it anywhere regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. In addition, it comes with a USB cable for easy charging with a tablet, computer, power bank, and other devices.

[amazon box=”B07DF5TQP3″ title=”9. Helthyband H107P Fitness Tracker”]

Are you looking for a reliable and intelligent bracelet fitness tracker? Now, Helthyband is a recognized brand that has been in this industry for quite a while now. With this model H107P fitness tracker you will enjoy multiple functions. Amazingly, this device can relay feedback on the data you need. And, if you are an enthusiast for outdoor training, don’t look further.

This is the best gadget your hands can catch from the market today. It combines heart rate monitoring among other impressive features. On the other hand, you can enjoy a sleep monitor. Also, it has alarm functions and can call you when it is time for exercising. Other features include remote camera function and music control. All these features play a part to ensure your fitness activities are fun and fruitful.

[amazon box=”B07BQSGQSD” title=”10. Astonlink Fitness Activity Tracker Watch”]

After receiving a lot of five star reviews from customers who actually used it, this is the best trending fitness tracker. It features premium construction using lightweight, waterproof and durable materials to make it the best. This IP67 waterproof pedometer is the best for anyone who is constantly engaged in fitness activities. This is great for indoor and outdoor exercises and feels very comfortable when on your wrist. And it is unique since it features auto heart rate and sleep tracking.

It functions via real-time tracking ensuring that you don’t miss a single data. It also delivers remarkable consistency with a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality. Also, it allows smart messages and calls notification, thanks to the steady 4.0 Bluetooth connection. You will enjoy this smartphone connectivity as long as your phone is android 4.4 or above. Also, you can still connect this fitness tracker device to iOS device version 7.1 and above. However, without any limitations, anyone can wear this bracelet fitness device and enjoy monitoring the calories, distance, heart rate and quality of sleep.


Nowadays you don’t have to go for a lab test to know your heart rate. Thanks to the invention of portable fitness trackers. Most of them feature a watch or bracelet design for convenience purposes. So, you can wear the best budget fitness tracker and use them in whatever you are doing.

As revealed by the reviews above, most of these devices can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, for added convenience and reliability. You can now engage in an exercise in a professional way, track the distance, calories burnt heart rate and monitor your sleep.

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